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Postby sixxie » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:29 pm

Following the brief discussion of memorable old adventure games for the CoCo on the FoD CoCoTalk...

Juxtaposition (1985, John F. Humphreys for Wintersoft) is one of the best adventure games for the Dragon.

This repackages the tape with a new loader that will patch the game to work on a CoCo. As there's a slight real-time element to the game, it also adjusts the timer checks if NTSC is detected.

Give it a go! Once you get out of the city, there are panoramic views of the world...

While I've not tested it to completion, I've wandered around the world a bit; everything seems to be working. Saving to and loading from tape works ok too.
Juxtaposition (1985)(Wintersoft)[m coco].zip
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