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Unnamed Project As Of Yet

Postby rickadams » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:15 pm

I have a game project I'm working on that I abandoned back in the day to work on The Last Ninja (burn it!) that was originally named "Omnistar." I'd like to finish it by the next CocoFEST! but that may or may not happen.

It involved hacking into some sort of worldwide oppressive computer network (think Skynet) to take it down. There were 20 nodes of the network all over the world that you could roam around it and find programs, load them, move them around from node to node, execute them, etc. The nodes were arranged as a dodecahedron, so that each node connected to three other nodes in a roughly spherical pattern. Oldsters may recognize this as the topology of the old game Hunt the Wumpus.

Gameplay involved a very high tech looking interface with scrolling text in multiple windows, and had elements of text adventures, Hunt the Wumpus, and several other influences.

Now that I'm working on it again, the name Omnistar is a problem since there is a real life corporation by that name and being sued by a large corporation doesn't interest me all that much. What shall I name it? Suggestions?

I had "-star" at the end because it had a "hack into the Death Star" sort of feel. "Evilstar" came to mind, but then I changed it to "Evixstar" to make it sound like a variant of UNIX. But I wonder what other ideas people have. I suppose a "-net" suffix might work also. A game ending with "-star" is sort of a problem too since it might be confused with the game "Gunstar."
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Re: Unnamed Project As Of Yet

Postby nowhereman999 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:20 pm

Hi Rick,

I know Skynet was used in the Terminator movies but I don't think that would mean you can't use the name for your own game. So why not just call it Skynet? I like the idea of using net rather then star myself from the description of your new game, maybe - Net Breaker...

Good luck with the new game. :)
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Re: Unnamed Project As Of Yet

Postby ogsteviestrow » Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:12 pm

So here are some of the known givens...

Skynet was the name of the system that become self aware, and started judgment day.
Skynet was created by Cyberdine systems.

Some how to incorporate variations of "cyber" and "sky" would be giving a nod to the well known Sci-Fi evil corp, but could be spun.

What new terms do we have today for sky, well, anything internet related is referred to as "The cloud", which usually, are in the sky. Also cool buzzwords today with security and hackers are cipher and crypto

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