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Cosmic Aliens

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:59 am
by ogsteviestrow
Cosmic Aliens was a game I wrote in Quick BASIC 3.0 back in the days of MS-DOS which was mostly developed on my Tandy 1000, the next computer I got after the CoCo.
It was a cross between Space Invaders and Galaxian, using the MS-DOS 80*25 16 color text mode "graphics". The aliens were smiley faces that dropped bombs.

It was a fun game to make "back in the day" and it was circulated through local bulletin board systems in South Florida before Al Gore invented the internet.

It received a small amount of recognition and notoriety during it's circulation.

Like all my programming projects, the source code and copies of anything I've done have been lost forever, however, I was able to recently find a copy of the last public release of my game on the internet, and that prompted me to make this my first CoCo game project, creating a CoCo version of the DOS game I released back in 1989.

So, I've started a web site to blog the back story and the progress of development, and hope to have time to continue to work on this little project, which will hopefully get my coding juices flowing and be the first of many projects.

I threw up a web site which is to chronicle the past, present, and future of this game. My hopes are, after finishing the CoCo BASIC version to do an assembly version, and then do a version on a more "modern" tool like at least QB64 so I can have a cross-platform version of the game that can also play on modern computers.