My Frist PC was a Tandy 1000!

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My Frist PC was a Tandy 1000!

Postby sbatson » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:54 pm

Mine was the first version of the Tandy 1000, I really loved that system! The case and keyboard were so much more attractive than the PC and other clones. I always thought of it as more compatible than the IBM PC since it pretty much ran all the PC software and the PC Jr Software. The graphics and sound were great for that time. I can think of any PC software that I couldn't get to run it. I had a Generic MS-DOS disks I'd run when I had issues with running anything. I upgraded the CPU to an NEC V20 which could run faster with a Turbo circuit I installed. It could also run CP/M which I never really did anything with.

Loved Kings Quest, Demon Attack and several others. I often wish I'd never sold that system...I really miss it!
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