What brand computer cassette recorders...

What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby WozzyCat » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:24 pm

Thought I would start a nostalgic little discussion thread on what computer cassette recorders anybody here used on their CoCo systems back in the day (or even currently)...
CTR-80, CCR-81, CCR-82, CCR-83....or perhaps some other brand cass recorder?

Myself, I had a Tandy branded CCR-81 (bought it in 1987, and I still have it), plus I now have a Tandy branded CCR-83 (brand new from Cloud 9 a number of years ago when they still had them in stock). I knew some other CoCo users in my area back in the day, that had Radio Shack branded CCR-81 and CCR-82 units.

Even after I bought an FD-501 floppy drive system, I still used my CCR-81 to image my ROM Paks, and then copy that from cassette to floppy (I did not own a Multi-Pak, so I wanted to minimize the amount of time I had my floppy disk drive cartridge unplugged from my system back then).
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Re: What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby ogsteviestrow » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:51 pm

I don't remember the model, but it was silver, and it was produced around the same time I got my 16K CoCo 1 in 1981, it was made by Tandy, and I even had the dust cover for it, very fancy!
Spent quite a bit of time loading and saving things to tape. When I was finally able to afford a floppy, there was a special converter program to move tape based programs to run off disk, I recall.
The CoCo 1 in particular, I believe had some issues with the volume levels of playback, if it was too loud, the load would fail, you had to find that "just right" volume setting, and try not to bump the dial and throw it out.
Probably the coolest thing was the games that would fill in the text screen with a title graphic while the game loaded.
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Re: What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby WozzyCat » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:55 pm

One of the unique things I have seen on eBay, are grey (or is it silver?) CCR-81 decks over the years. All the CCR-81, CCR-82, and CCR-83 units I have seen in Radio Shack catalogs from the 1980's (at least here in Canada), were always the standard white case units. And of course the original CTR-80 was black.
Were the grey/silver CCR-81 units sold in North America at some point, or were those just originally available across the oceans (like in Europe or Australia, etc.)?
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Re: What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby glendo70 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:13 pm

I had a CCR-81 and then a CCR-82. csaved and cloaded many a program that was typed in from the various magazines. I remember when loading from the CCR-81 that I would always keep my fingers crossed and hoped that an I/0 error wasn't going to appear suddenly. Also had to write down where different starting locations were before each program and then fast forward to that spot and rewind or fast forward to the correct spot to load. Learned to leave some space between each program making it a lot easier in the process. I still have both cassettes but the CCR-82 rewind and fast forward doesn't work anymore. The CCR-81 is still working. Tried loading some of my old tapes awhile back and was very surprised that all of them that I tried actually worked quite well. Pretty amazing how the tapes I have are still working. Over the years I have kept them in a cool dry place and I guess that has helped a lot. :roll:
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Re: What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby PacoOtaktay » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:13 am

I myself had a CCR-82. Only unit I used on the CoCo and what I currently still have. Though after belts being replaced.
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Re: What brand computer cassette recorders...

Postby BillO » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:18 pm

I have a Grundig DCR-001. It was a whole lot more money that anything from Tandy or RS at the time, but it's about 1/4 the physical volume and works flawlessly with every system I have ever used it on.

It also has APDS or "Automatic Program Detection System" which makes finding the beginning of programs easy when you have multiple programs per tape. BAsically it will fast froward and stop autmatically in the gaps between programs and switch to play mode. Cool 8-)
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