My CoCo 1 and 2s

My CoCo 1 and 2s

Postby sbatson » Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:16 am

Got my start on the Battleship Gray CoCo 1 which had 4K....quickly upgraded to 16K, than Extended Basic and on to 64K. And of course disk drives! Had a lot of fun with the CoCo 1, learned a ton, really hacked it a lot. My CoCo 2s that I got much later, I haven't used much, but I've installed Ed's Composite Video Board in them and I've painted the cases so they look new.

I have very fond memories of many games...Zaxon, Donkey King, Sands of Egypt, Grabber, Outhouse. So many games were so unique compared to the over hyped, high end graphics and sound available today. While all the latest stuff is amazing in what it can do and how good it looks, I find the old arcade games and and adventure games more enjoyable. And wow, you don't have to play them online! ;)
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