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Realm of Nauga

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:52 pm
by fiscap
With the release of D. Bruce Moore's Forest of Doom over the weekend and the mention of Realm of Nauga during Stevie Strow's CoCoTalk launch party, it reminded me that I had patched Nauga a while back because of its incompatibility with DECB. I remember that it had a tiny machine language subroutine which interfered with where the program was loaded into memory. I modified the ML routine and moved it to the top of RAM (requiring 32k to run) so that it's now compatible with DECB. Anyway, here is a copy for those who remember the game - it may be something to keep you occupied while anxiously awaiting your new copy of Forest of Doom.

Oh, also as bit of obscure trivia, when I was looking for a copy of Nauga several years ago, I discovered that there was a brief Wikipedia article that someone had created and it was pending deletion because of lack of significance or references. I did a bit of work revising the article and tried to find as many credible citations as I could find in an effort to keep it from being deleted. Although it's been trimmed a bit from what I had originally created - the wiki article still exists :)