Attachment Corruption

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Attachment Corruption

Postby ogsteviestrow » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:23 am

This is a follow-up to a mass email I sent everyone, it appears that images and attachments that were uploaded more than about a week ago (prior to October 23rd) have a very high likelihood of being corrupted.
We attempted to do a phpBB upgrade and that upgrade failed. Prior to the upgrade a FTP backup was taken, and there is a "/store" folder and a "/files" folder that I suspect contain uploads, and I also suspect sending them back via FTP lost something in translation.

I do apologize, but I fear that those of you who either added images to your posts, or uploaded files and attachments will have to post new versions of those.

I have checked on a recent upload from Ciarian/Sixie, and his Q-Bert .ZIP file downloaded without issue for me, so I hope it's only the older stuff and we don't have this issue moving forward, looking forward to hearing what anyone else's experience may be.
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