Useful Video/Audio/rippers I have used

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Useful Video/Audio/rippers I have used

Postby PacoOtaktay » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:43 am

So after helping my local computer club to process a really old DVD file and uploading to YouTube I figured I would share some of the tools I used to do this.

Now for the rippers I have used for this project was DVDShrink 3.2 and also MakeMKV. Sadly DVDShrink's website does not have a working download link for it anymore. So that utility is getting a bit hard to find safely.

So one of the components I used was DaVinci Resolve. Nice free multi-platform video editor package. ... ciresolve/
Now if you decide to download it the DaVinci Resolve Studio is the paid version so make sure not to download that version. The free version is just called DaVinci Resolve.

Now the next tool I used is called ffmpeg. It is a command line tool that is found on almost all flavors of Linux distros. I used it to extract the video only part of the MPEG2 file.
ffmpeg -i in.mpg -c copy -map 0:v:0 out.mpg

Now for audio editing I used Audacity for almost everything.
I also had to install some of its additional components to do the work I needed on a MPEG2 audio track import.
Then after using Audacity to do the basic normalization of the audio and noise reduction effects, I then run the audio file through another nifty utility that Nick Marotta told me about. It is called Levelator.
It seems to do a really good job at normalizing the vocal part of the sound file. Thank you Nick. :D

Then after that is all done I used DaVinci Resolve to combine the video track and the new audio track back together at the output resolution I wanted. Then I can upload that video to YouTube or what other platform I need it on. :D
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